2018 – A Year of Growth in Conferences

A Year-End Message

A year-end message from your IEEE TEMS VP of Conferences, Robert Bierwolf, looking back what all has happened. Our IEEE TEMS Conferences truly had an interesting year 2018, where we have set our course and continued our growth. Kudos to all teams and supporters for their endeavors and achievements, as in practice it always turns out to be more work than originally anticipated. Find next a short 2018 overview, in chronological order, of what all happened in our Society Conferences section, to inspire you. Similarly, the outlook for 2019 is presented, which is work in progress of course. And finally, for all of you that got enthusiastic and inspired, we will post a call for conference proposals soon on our website.

So what remains, is to thank you all for all of your contributions, wishing all of you season’s greetings and looking forward to a great 2019 ahead of us

2018 – A Year of Growth in Conferences


It started in April with two events taking place. First, there was the inaugural edition of the International Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2018 IEEE TEMS-ISIE) in Bejing, led by our dear Prof.Dr. Xiaohong “Iris” Quan from SJSU. TEMS-ISIE included a strong Industry Forum, with some twenty international experts, blending academic views with industry knowledge. And in the same month in Region 10 the successful 2018 TEMS Industry Forum – Bengalaru took place under the guidance of our own Ravikiran Annaswamy and all of the team of the IEEE Bangalore Section.


Under the leadership of our own Prof.Dr. Mark Werwath and his team, the second edition of our flagship conference Technology & Engineering Management Society Conference (TEMSCON, ), the 2018 IEEE TEMSCON was held in June in Chicago with as central theme “Engineering Management in an Era of Disruption.” Again a mix of academic and industry speakers, up to four parallel tracks, seven keynote speakers, and an Industry

Forum, a meet-the-editors session were all part of this second edition. Also notable and interesting was the invite to the 40th anniversary of the Master in Engineering Management program of Northwestern University, McCormick School of Engineering. At NU, Prof.Dr. John Rogers gave a great keynote, discussing his work on “Soft Electronics for the Human Body – Some Perspectives on the Science and the Commercial Opportunities.” You can check out this short impression video thereof:

In the same month of June, the 24th edition of the International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation, the 2018 IEEE ICE/ITMC conference was held in Stuttgart, Germany. The local team led by Prof.Dr. Guido Baltes and  Mark Konig did a great job in preparing the program ( With site visits to for example Nokia Bell Labs Stuttgart, a start-up pitch competition, and keynotes from academic, including our Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions in Engineering Management, Dr. Tugrul Daim, and speakers from industry, but also from the government such as the keynote of dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg addressing the importance of innovation to the region and country.


On August 17-20, we supported in Frankfurt, Germany the International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, 2018 ICMSE at the Goethe Institute organized by the Harbin Institute of Technology, from Aug 17 to 20th ( ).


In September, we supported two more conferences in Europe. First, there is the 13th edition of the International Conference on Digital Information Management (2018 ICDIM), which is a multidisciplinary conference on digital information management, science, and technology, in Berlin from September 24 to 26 ( ), that also hosted a number of co-located workshops on Big Data, Visualization, and Internet of Everything.

Secondly, the 9th edition of the International Conference on Intelligent Systems (IS-2018) from Sept 25-28 in Funchal, Portugal themed “Theory, Research and Innovation in Applications”. The collaboration for this conference was a spin-off from the fruitful collaboration last year on 2017 ICE/ITMC with the organizer from Uninova and local government of Madeira ( The conference was further supported by the participation of officers from the European Commission.


November provided us with another first edition, of International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (2018 IEEE ICTMOD), held in Marrakech, Morocco on November 21-23. The theme of IEEE ICTMOD 2018 is “Digital Innovation and Business Transformation,” see the website The program embraced aside classic paper presentations, workshops, a meet-the-editors session, and panels.


And finally, in December, the 2nd edition of the IEEE Global Conference on the Internet of Things, and the general theme being “Towards a More Connected World” (2018 IEEE GCIoT, with researchers, R&D organizations and engineers and business managers from throughout the world, to present their latest research and ideas in the area of IoT to share their experience and exchange their ideas. The special topic of GCIOT 2018 was “Smart Sustainable Cities.”  This conference was held in Alexandria, Egypt from 5 to 8 December 2018 and organized in collaboration with the TEMS Egypt Chapter and Section, led by Hossam Fahmy. It had both an academic and industry track, five keynotes, as well as start-up presentations and poster sessions. And the end of the conference the announcement was made for the 3rd edition for 2019 IEEE GCIoT to be held in Dubai, United Arabic Emirates.

2019 An Outlook Towards Our Next Year of Conferences

The first number of call for papers for some of our 2019 conferences have already been issued of course. We again look forward to another great year for our conferences. Don’t forget, as usual, do check out the respective individual conference websites to check for any change of dates to any deadlines. This following lists the work in progress, our current line-up of conferences, subject to change, for the year 2019 in order of calendar months:


April, the 14th IEEE International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems (2019 IEEE ISADS) will take place in Utrecht, from April 8-10, in collaboration with IEEE Computer Society under leadership by prof.dr. Erik Puik from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. The special topic for ISADS 2019 is “Technology and Business Innovation through Structure Change of Society and Life”. The conference web: .

Next in April,  we will see the 1st edition 2019 IEEE TEMSCON ASIA – Bangalore, expanding on our Industry Forum event of last year, led by Tathagath Varmma and our own dr. Michael Condry. An International Conference on Managing Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship (ICMITE), where the event is designed as a hybrid conference & industry forum to address issues related to these challenges. Just managing technology is no longer good enough it must include management of innovation and entrepreneurship. The theme is “Managing in Disruptive Technology Environment.” The event will again be held at the Sterling Mac Hotel, Bangalore, India, April 26-27, 2019. Check out


May 6th to 9th, the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber Physical Systems (2019 IEEE ICPS) will take place with IEEE Industrial Electronics Society in the lead and TEMS supporting at the Howard Plaza Hotel, in Taipei, Taiwan. More detail can be found on


In June the 3rd edition of our flagship conference is organized by Dr. David Bishop and his team, 2019 IEEE TEMSCON in Atlanta at GeorgiaTech from June 12-14. The CfP is still open, so do check out the topics and consider submitting your paper, or proposal for a workshop or other form to share your knowledge and experience. Of course, the website is, and the theme for 2019 is “Leading Innovation in Times of Constant Change.

Also in June, the 25th-anniversary edition of the International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation, in short 2019 IEEE ICE/ITMC, will take place from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th of June 2019. In France, at the Sophia Antipolis Innovation Park near Nice airport and is organized with the European Society of Concurrent Engineering (ESoCE) Presence & Innovation Team – Arts & Métiers ParisTech and R2M Solutions with the support of EU research teams. Check out for the latest updates on the call for papers, call for workshops and so on. The theme for 2019 is “Co-creating our Future: Scaling-up Innovation Capacities through the Design and Engineering of Immersive, Collaborative, Empathic and Cognitive Systems.”


In the month of August, the 26th edition 2019 ICMSE is planned for in Daejeon, Korea at KAIST (formally the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), by a team led by Prof.Dr. Chul Ho Lee in collaboration with HIT. The conference website will be updated anytime now (

Also expected in Q3 of 2019, is the 14th edition of the International Conference on Digital Information Management (2019 ICDIM). The exact dates and location are under discussion. Currently two options exist, being South-Africa or Ireland. More details are expected to be published on


Okt, 24-26th, again the team led by Xiaohong “Iris” Quan now in collaboration with Zhejiang University will organize our 2nd edition 2019 IEEE TEMS-ISIE in Hangzhou, China with as theme “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Markets”. Do check out the conference website:


And finally in December again, do expect the 3rd edition of the IEEE Global Conference on the Internet of Things (2019 IEEE GCIoT, ) to be held in Dubai, United Arabic Emirates, organized by a team headed by Dr. Eesa Bastaki, who is President of the University of Dubai and honorary chair of the IEEE UAE Section.

Call for Conference Proposals

And meanwhile, the preparations for 2020, 2021, 2022 have started. Indeed some future conferences are already lining up. As IEEE TEMS we will post our IEEE TEMS Call for Conference Proposals (CfCP) on our websites, to work and collaborate with you on one of our existing next edition conferences or in co-creating new conferences. Please do check out that IEEE TEMS CfCP, as well as all the general information that is available on the subject of IEEE and Organizing Conferences Portal ( ) which allows you to be prepared in a timely manner. Once you have done so, please do not hesitate to contact your VP of Conferences.  

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