Leadership and Management of People and Organizations

Chair: Alfredo Herrara – Alfredo.herrera@ieee.org and Leslie Martinich- lmartinich@ieee.org

Including People and Organizations plus Social Issues and Sustainability in Engineering Management


The Social Management Technical Activity Committee addresses all issues related to the people management and organizational management of technical organizations. This includes, but is not limited, to

  • interpersonal communication (in person, via electronic means, social media)
  • decision making
  • risk management
  • the value of diversity
  • organizational culture
  • sustainability management
    • professional development
    • employee satisfaction
    • employee retention
    • succession planning

Join this Technical Activity Committee if you wish to engage and contribute to TEMS along this line of interest.  We will be looking for interesting discussion, networking, conference engagement, publications and other activities; with a focus on results.   More information on TACs in general can be found on the overview and details of the TACs web pages.

To join contact me at lmartinich@ieee.org to participate in this activity or fill out this form.



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Call for Papers

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