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IEEE 2030 Initiative: Make up your own mind now!

Dear fellow TEMS members:

As current president of TEMS, I would like to make you aware of the IEEE 2030 Initiative, its proposed changes to the IEEE Constitution, and future changes to the IEEE Board structure. The 2030 Initiative began in early 2015 with the noble intent to make IEEE more flexible and fit for the future. However, some critical feedback of this initiative requires that we evaluate these recommended changes. It is by far not the first of such undertakings, but all have failed so far.

Therefore, it is important that each IEEE member becomes familiar with the proposed ideas and provides direct feedback to the 2030 Committee by sending an email to

You may find further and more detailed information at the following sites:

  • Proposed IEEE Constitutional Amendment
  • IEEE in 2030 Archive

In particular, the Socialization Deck March 2016 includes information worth reading in whole as it also contains the time line for the proposed changes of the IEEE Constitution which is planned to happen before the end of this year. Thank you for taking your time to critically look into this important subject.

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